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Curtain fabric wholesale market guide-Keqiao

If you are interested in importing curtain fabric from China, and your quantity is not very large, then you can consider looking for some suitable wholesalers from the curtain fabric market of Keqiao in China. Keqiao has three curtain fabric markets, a total of more than 6000 wholesalers, involving different …

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New collection corduroy

Corduroy Fabric For Upholstery & Dressmaking-2116 New Collection

Corduroy fabrics have been in the industry for a long history. It seems to be never out of date. In this article, we are going to explore and what is corduroy? and what are the pros and cons of the corduroy fabric? and finally, recommends a new collection of corduroy …

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bronzing sofa fabric

Recommendation for one of velvet fabric types

Velvet fabrics are becoming increasingly popular due to their soft hand feeling touch, most economical, and affordable price. Actually, velvet fabrics are quite simple when we weave them on the machine, the raw white fabrics are simple out of warp knitting machines. It is the afterward processes like dyeing, bronzing, …

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