Curtain fabric wholesale market guide-Keqiao

If you are interested in importing curtain fabric from China, and your quantity is not very large, then you can consider looking for some suitable wholesalers from the curtain fabric market of Keqiao in China.
Keqiao has three curtain fabric markets, a total of more than 6000 wholesalers, involving different kinds of curtain fabrics, window screens, shading fabrics, embroidered curtain fabrics, project curtain sheers, basically related to all aspects of curtain fabrics.
This is the largest curtain fabric wholesale market in the world. before the epidemic, customers from different countries came here to select curtain fabrics and import them to their own countries for resale. If you have also considered importing curtain fabrics from China after the epidemic, then you can consider coming to China’s Keqiao curtain fabrics. If you look around the market, I’m sure you’ll get something unexpected.
In the following list, I would like to introduce in detail where the different curtain cloth markets are distributed, and what are some of the main things they sell? So as to facilitate your reference and choice.

Beilian Curtain Market

The first one, I would like to introduce is the Belian curtain fabric market of China Textile City. The market has a total of five floors.
The first to fourth floors are market trading areas, and the fifth floor is specialized office rooms, with a total of more than 2300 business rooms. The first floor of business varieties are curtains, fabrics, and related textiles; the second, third, and fourth floors of business products are curtains and household products.On the first floor, there are also some shops that sell stock curtain fabrics. If you are interested in the stock fabrics, you can consider going there to have a look.

For the second one, I would like to introduce is the Tianhui market Of China Textile City. The market is divided into three floors, the first floor of the market is mainly curtain sheers, a variety of project or hotel curtain sheers, and prices are relatively cheap, many international buyers prefer to go to this first floor to buy. On the 2nd floor and 3rd floor, there sells all kinds of jacquard and embroidered curtain fabrics.

The third one I want to talk about is the North District Market of China Textile City. This market is relatively large and relatively older, and the flow of people will be a little more than the first two markets mentioned, because its first floor mainly sells all kinds of apparel fabrics, while the second and third floors of the North District mainly sell all kinds of curtain fabrics and curtain accessories can also be found over there. Buyers from different countries prefer to visit the curtain fabrics on the second and third floors of the 3 district and the 4 district of this market. The curtain fabrics in those two areas are mainly for overseas buyers, and there are many kinds of patterns and qualities, such as jacquard, embroidery, printing, imitation linen, plain, and so on.
Of course, if you want to buy curtain accessories, the second floor of this market is your best choice, you can find many different accessories to meet the needs of different customers.

No.06 north market

If you are still not satisfied after visiting the above three markets, you can try to visit the North 6th District Market, which is next door to Tianhui Market and opposite to the North District Market.
The curtain fabrics in this market is relatively low-end, the pattern may not be so fashionable, but the price may be a little cheaper.

Generally speaking, these curtains of Keqiao.
The markets are relatively close, with a maximum walking distance of 5-10 minutes, making it convenient for buyers to stroll back and forth.
Finally, one of the questions you are more concerned about is whether wholesalers in these markets have quantitative requirements.

Generally speaking, there is no MOQ requirement, they basically keep fabrics in stock. You can buy one or two rolls, that is, around 60 to 70 meters. So you can use limited cash to buy as many different kinds of curtain fabric as possible to test the preferences of different markets and customers. Once you have found a hot product, you can increase the quantity in your next purchase.

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