Corduroy Fabric For Upholstery & Dressmaking-2116 New Collection

Corduroy fabrics have been in the industry for a long history. It seems to be never out of date. In this article, we are going to explore and what is corduroy? and what are the pros and cons of the corduroy fabric? and finally, recommends a new collection of corduroy fabric which looks fantastic!

1. What is Corduroy?

Corduroy, also known as striped cloth, is raised by cutting the weft on the surface of the cloth, and then forms a pattern like a corduroy, hence the name corduroy. Corduroy is usually made of cotton, but in recent years, corduroy with polyester and spandex as raw materials has emerged. Corduroy has good warmth, so it is often used as the fabric of autumn and winter coats. Clothing is warm and feel very good, favored by consumers.

2. The pros and cons of Corduroy?

Advantages of corduroy fabric:
1, the corduroy fabric is full, has a good three-dimensional feeling, the fluff is fine and soft, so it is a natural fabric.
2, the warmth of corduroy, needless to say, the fabric itself is easy to dye, so it will be more convenient in production and processing.
3, the way of washing corduroy is simple, but pay attention to the water temperature, if the water temperature is too high, the fabric will shrink.

Disadvantages of corduroy fabric:
1, corduroy fabric is prone to sticky hair, and it is difficult to handle, so it is best to face inside out when drying clothes.
2, there is the shrinkage mentioned above to avoid washing in water that is too hot.

3. Where to use Corduroy?

The use of corduroy fabric:
Corduroy is mainly used in the production of autumn and winter coats, shoes, and hats. In addition, corduroy is also used in furniture fields such as curtains and sofas, with a wide range of applications and high practicability.

4. A new corduroy fabric recommendation


New collection corduroy



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