Recommendation for one of velvet fabric types

Velvet fabrics are becoming increasingly popular due to their soft hand feeling touch, most economical, and affordable price. Actually, velvet fabrics are quite simple when we weave them on the machine, the raw white fabrics are simple out of warp knitting machines. It is the afterward processes like dyeing, bronzing, printing, which make them appear uniquely different and look Gorgeous

Today I am going to show you one of our velvet fabrics which is very nice looking with a super soft hand feeling touch. Let’s look at its face, it is going through 5 different types of treatment to finally present the look as it is. You could click here to know more about this product and Here is how it was made.

  1. The first step, When the raw white face fabric is ready, it was sent to make the dyeing treatment,
  2. In the second step, After dyeing, then the fabric was going through a heat transfer printing process
  3. In the third step, After printing, the fabric has already been looking good, but in order to make it more elegant, the fabric went through the bronzing process. Which gave the fabric a completely new feeling.
  4. In the fourth step, the fabrics are bonded with a base fabric to make them strong. For this product, we choose the fleece backing fabric, because fleece backing makes the fabrics softly touch and perform better in usage. Although it is more expensive than the TC, pongee,non-woven, or other types of common backing. But it is quite worthwhile if you pursue the quality and the high-end feeling
  5. Last but not least, the fabrics went through the 3D embossing process, which makes the fabrics totally vivid and stand out.

Our teams really love this type of velvet fabric, how about you?

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