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Huayeah fabric-a great curtain fabric manufacturer in China offering a variety of curtain fabrics, velvet curtain fabric, blackout curtain fabric, linen look curtain fabric, jacquard curtain fabric, which are greatly used for hotel, living room, restuarant…

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Hot selling Velvet Blackout Fabric

Luxury Blackout Velvet, but with good sunlight block effect

Velvet fabrics have become inclreasing popular to be used for curtain or sofa. There could be different styles. Such as plain velvet fabric, printing velvet fabric, embossed velvet fabric, bronzing velvet fabric, different styles with different quality level. The reason why it is popular is that velvet fabrics are quite softly touch and with a rather elegant looking in the hotel or in your living room.

Huayeah fabrics could offer different types of velvet fabrics to meet different client’s request, we could meet our clients with the low MOQ quantity at the most cost effective price, meanwhile we have so many colors for selection as well.

Our clients are including wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, project contractors, distributors and so on

More styles are available for selection

Different types of Blackout fabric


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Shaoxing city Huayeah Textile Co.,ltd., which is famously known as Huayeah fabric of our brand name for the sofa upholstery fabrics.We have been in this industry for more than 12 years. Our office is located in Keqiao, Our factory is located in Haining, two famous spots for textile.Our wonderful selections of the upholstery fabrics has made our clients win a lot of market share more than their competitors. We are striving hard to offer the most reliable quality with affordable price level.We would love to work with you ! Place the order to us, you will get more than what you could expect !

We could customize for you with your designs and quality level, starting low minimum order quantity

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Huayeah Textile is Committed to supplying the highest quality at the most cost-effective price with the most thoughtful customer experience in the industry

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